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Puzzle Nuts review

2013-11-06 (02:22)

A few weeks ago I finished the puzzle game Puzzle Nuts.

Each level requires you to find a path for a few nuts to drop into a basket using tools like flaps, fans, and nut shooting barrels and often you can remove parts of the terrain. But the biggest help you get is from gravity itself. As you progress through the game you get different tools to work with, but you can not choose them yourself because each level has its own set of defined tools and they are all stationary. Some of the tools you can turn around though, such as aiming a barrel at something. Other things, like fans, can be turned on and off while playing a level.

The game currently has one “world” called ‘Forest’ which has three parts with 16 levels each. Apparently there will come a new world soon called ‘Lost Temple’. The game is not really hard, but definitely fits in the puzzle genre. I don’t like when my plan for solving a level doesn’t work because it is too hard to control the game, but that was seldom an issue with this game. There is some timing and fine motor skills involved in addition to the thinking, but luckily not too much. Each level is usually quite quick to play, and if you don’t manage to get all the nuts in the basket the first time around it usually doesn’t require too many tries. Also, you can finish the game without getting the maximum score on every level.

What I like best about the game is that it is quick to play a level or two, which puts the game into the “bus stop gaming” genre for me.

Android: Free Paid
iOS: Paid