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Siv Annett is home, time with Anne Marie

Last Tuesday, Siv Annett came back from a year as an au pair in USA. I met her at OSL (Gardermoen) and said hi. She and her family drove me back to Oslo. It was a nice reunion. She’ll come visit me shortly. The last half week I’ve been spending much time with my girlfriend, Anne Marie. It has been very nice! Last Saturday my sister Ann Therese, was celebrating her 25th birthday together with the rest of the family (including grand parents).
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I went to Greece last week. Was there for one week together with my mom and dad, both sisters and their husband and boyfriend and my own girlfriend. Great vacation! The weather was fine and we saw a lot. I even slept at the hospital for one night. I was ill. Maybe food posioning. That was not good. The mathematics this year is really hard. I have to figure it out soon.
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New stuff...

I’ve bought some new stuf. A Canon Ixus Digital v2, a new 120GB drive for my server, a new cellphone (Sony Ericsson T68i) and some art to put on the wall. I’ve begun my studies this term. The math is terrible, but the informatics is great! (: It’s algorithms and datastructures. Saturday I’m leaving for Hellas with whole my familiy, my girlfriend, my sisters boyfriend and oldest sisters husband.

Barbequeparty at RF

Today we had a barbeque at RF. Great. The food tasted really good.The beer prices was decided by a die 20. Exciting. Anne Marie and I visited Philip on the way home. He has his last exam tomorrow. Physics. He’s not looking forward to it. On Monday I’ll have my last exam. INF102 is the subject.

Soon to be barbeque party at home!

Today, Jan, Ingvild, Cathrine and I finished setting up my fancy barbeque machine! (; I have also eaten strawberries. And I made dinner for Anne Marie. She has her first exam this term tomorrow. Hopefully she’ll do well.

Barbeque party at Levy's!

Great barbeque party last night. Liked it a lot! Cathrine, Anne Marie, Levy, Jan Erik, Glenn, Mette, Anita and I. Good food. Nice people. Great music. Today I’ve been relaxing a lot. And I have baked a cake! Brownie. Ate it with ice a couple of house ago. It tasted good.

Norway - Sweden 0-0

A draw. Good first half, boring second half. Levy was here. Great! Anne Marie was also here for a while. Our project is not very bad right now. (: The URL (at the time beeing):

Dishwasher, squash, dinner and family

At school today we had something about linear integrals. Kind of fuzzy for me yet… Today I spoke to the Siemens-dude about the dishwasher. He tried to help, but it didn’t help the things he said. I’ll call him again tomorrow. I’m going to play squash with Philip tomorrow. It’ll be fun! I ate hot dogs for dinner. I ate so much my stomach hurts! I talked to mom and dad this evening.
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Party, IKEA and dinner

Yesterday I made dinner for Anne Marie. Spaghetti and my own meatloaf-mix with onions, tomatoes and lots of more stash. Good! (: Afterwards we went to a party with Cathrine at RF-kjellern. We had a drinking game, and Philip drank bayer beer! Cool dude! (: It was a great night. On the way home we bought kebab at Charlie’s. Today I’ve been relaxing together with Anne Marie until about 15:00, then we ate breakfast and I drove Anne Marie and Cathrine to IKEA.
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The coastal path and Trivial Pursuit

Yesterday we went for a walk in the Larvik district. On the coastal path (kyststien). It was mom and dad, my sister and her husband Jan, Ann Therese and her boyfriend Sverre, Jan’s brother Ole Christian, Jan and Ole Christian’s mother Bjørg, and her daughter Marianne and my own Anne Marie. It was a great walk! We stopped twice and we grilled hot dogs (: After the walk I showed Sverre and Ann Therese the “UFO-house” in Nevlunghavn.
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