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Dinner and Larvik by night

Today I’ve been sightseeing Larvik together with mom, dad, my sister Ann Therese and her boyfriend Sverre. Sverre has never been here before and was very interested. After the sightseeing we went to my grandparents on my mother’s side and ate cookies and drank coffee. Great! (: For dinner we had steak. It was just delicious! Thanks to mom and dad! (: In the evening I went to Marthe’s place where there was a party.
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My computer fucked...

Yesterday I wanted to resize a partition. I’ve got a 20GB disk on my laptop, and it had only one partition, an NTFS-partition. The reason for resizing was because I wanted to install Mandrake Linux. But during the resizing, it fucked and I got an error message and “Press any key to reboot”. That was really too bad, ‘cuz now the FAT-table is fucked. It doesn’t know where loads of my file lies!
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At Anne Marie's

This evening I was at Anne Marie’s place. It was really cosy. We ate pizza and watched TV. It was Big Brother, “Torsdagsklubben”, Sonata +++ Saturday I’m going home. I’m really looking forward to see my parents again! I’m leaving together with Levy in the morning. Yesterday Philip was here. We played Worms World Party. It was two great matches! He won 2-1 both times, and both times we both had 1 worm left each.
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takin' a dump and lars joakim

today Lars Joakim *from Big Brother) was here. he went in the wrong door. i was taking a dump and i heard a guy came in the front door. after i was finished, i went out and said hi and it was lars joakim (: he lives in our neighbourhood (c-block). i was at RF-kjellern today. we were cleaning up. it was good (: we ate pizza.

Four months and LAN

Anne Marie and I have been going steady for 4 months today!! Weee! Today, Philip is staying at my place. We’ve been playing games and beta testing a game coded by Martin and Philip. Martin was here earlier this evening.

Exams finished...

At wednesday I finished my last exam of this year. It was in MAT100B. The second last was INF101. I’m pretty satisfied with my effort on both exams. My hopes are of at least 1.5 on the INF101, and a C on the MAT100B. That means I’ll hoping for a B in total in the MAT100B. So after the exam on wednesday there were a huge party at “RF-kjellern”. It was seriously great!
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Movie, party...

I must say, I just watched “Good Morning, Vietnam” and that is one hellova movie! I just can’t seem to dislike that movie. I really love it! The coming Friday it’s a open house party at Borgestad again. Exciting? Hope so (:

Weekend with Levy and Anne Marie

This Saturday, Anne Marie, Levy and I ate pizza. Anne Marie made it. It was really good! Afterwards, Levy and I worked and ate candies. Today, Sunday, Levy and I have been working.

IRC/ICQ and so on...

I found a great application today. It is called Trillian. Download it from It is a client for AOL IM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, IRC, and Yahoo! Messenger. Not bad, eh? It is also skinnable for those people who like skins.

Philip and home again...

Martin and I was at Philip’s place from wednesday to this morning. It was a small LAN with 5 computers. But darn, it was fun! It was mostly Quake and Quake 3. large grin I’ve delivered my last part exam for MAT100B today. It was a good feeling. Hoping for another A on that one.
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