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Garbage concert

Yesterday I was at a Garbage concert. R√łyksopp was warming up. I really liked that band! Great light-fx! Anyway, before we got in we had to go home again. The “extra-part” of the ticket had been ripped off! Kind of odd, but I found them at home. So then we got in and watched a good concert with Garbage. I liked it. And the ending with “Only Happy When It Rains” was great!
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American Pie 2 & GlasMagasinet - updated information

I’ve seen American Pie 2 tonight. The film was ok. But the quality I watched it in was stinky. ): But hey, it was fun (: I’ve been working with transferring the XML-db for GlasMagasinet’s webpages into an MySQL-db. I’ve done the transfer, however some small issues are still left regarding the data transfer. Some more data should be transferred, and I know that there was some problems with at least one table.
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A cool weekend, birthday and work

The weekend in Grimstad was great! I decided to get drunk both days, and that I managed (: The company was just perfect! Too bad Carl Thomas wasn’t there. Maybe I’ll write more on this issue later. Sunday evening after some work, Anne Marie and I went to my sister Ingvild and ate hot dogs and talked. It was nice! Today I’ve been doing mathematics, and I’ve been working with the finish of an optimization report on
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I belive I was hacked.

This site was hacked by a 1337 roxxor haxor. ;D (okay.. no shit cur, where’s tha security) TA, what about a login section? ;) hugs, IzzY * And how about you just shutting the ish up? (; I’ll fix it some day…… some d…. zzzzzzzzz (;

Another sunday...

Today my head doesn’t feel as well as yesterday. Again, Philip and Martin called med to wake me up. Irritating bastards! My head hurts. We found that the verrsion of American Pie 2 we got was in fact a screener! ): Shitty quality, but hey! I don’t care. I can see it on a theater at a later occation. We’re going home today. The breakfast is going to be at McDonalds I believe.

Party in Grimstad

This weekend, Levy, Martin, Philip, Kim and I went to Grimstad. I was drunk yesterday, and I’m drunk today. That is a very good thing. Alchohol is good. I talked to Siv Annett today. That was really nice. She’s really cute! (: hugs I miss my girlfriend. ): I’ll see her tomorrow though (: hugs and kisses to her too

Houseparty and math-exam

I delivered my third mathematics part-exam today. Hopefully I’ll get another A. (: Tonight it’s a party at our place! (: How to get here? See public archive for map. All friends are welcome!

Dogma and a letter

Yesterday Anne Marie and I saw Dogma. Fun? Yes, kinda. Today I found a letter up at the kitchen from Siv Annett who’s in the USA! ((: The story “Deilig er jorden” is continuing at a great pace. And it is fun!

Moving for my sister

Yesterday I helped move all the stuff for my sister, Ingvild. It was kind of exhausting. I got to carry all the heavy stash… sigh But it was ok, since it was for my sister (: And the women did everything they could to cheer us up (: Today I added config to the public archive. It reads IP-address, user agent and other stuff from the client. Practical for me
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Birthday party!

Afterwards I’ve been here at home… Talked to Levy for a while about some financial issues in Eutax. And I heard some shocking news from Gir|! smile (: Today I got up at about 14:00. Then I went to the city to pick up some tickets. Then I got a birthday present for my sister Ann Therese. This evening I was at a birthday party at Ann Therese’s place. It was really great!
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