surviving life


A footballmatch at Åråsen

Afterwards I went to Anne Marie and watch TV together with her and Cathrine. Last night I was together with Johannes, Camilla, Atle and his dad to watch LSK play Odd at Åråsen. We were at Klimt and drank beer first. The match ended 3-3, since Odd scored on overtime.

On the way to the student parliament!

Arild Underdal won the principle’s election at UiO! (: And I was elected to the student parliament. We (“Realistlista”) was one vote from getting in the sixth one on the list! ): Sad one that is. I think I’m just too kind sometimes. I was supposed to get home with the last “t-bane” (subway-thingy) from Anne Marie. But I saw she set the alarm wrong by accident, so I would miss the train.
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A great weekend!

At Friday I went to a vorspiel with my best friend, Levy. Afterwards, we went to Sandvika and was at a show/concert with “Klovner i Kamp”. It was great! I crashed at Levy’s place. On Saturday Levy and I relaxed all day. He made a great breakfast and to dinner we had salmon, pasta and gorgonzola pasta sauce. Good (: In the evening I went to a party together with Levy and Anne Marie.
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Solution to the INF101 task

Anyone taking the course in INF101? Here’s the solution to the next hand in. It’s uncommented and not so very readable, but it’s kind of compact (: ‘’ is in fact only 27 lines of code! import java.util.; import inf101.; class Oversetter { HashMap w = new HashMap(); public void lesOrdliste() { Inn i = new Inn( “oblig4-ordliste.txt” ); while (!i.lastItem()) w.put(i.inString(),i.inStringLn().trim()); i.close(); } public void oversett() { Inn t = new Inn(); System.out.print(“Filen du vil oversette: “); Inn i = new Inn(t.inStringLn()); System.out.print(“Filen du vil lagre til: “); Ut o = new Ut(t.inStringLn()); while (!i.endOfFile()) o.outStringLn(t( i.inStringLn())); i.close(); o.close(); System.out.println(“Filen er oversatt.”);} private String t(String l) { StringTokenizer t = new StringTokenizer(l, “,.
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Mathematical problems...

This mathematic hand in (part-exam) is killing me! It’s just so much to think about! )): And I’m seriously tired!

A good week and a great call

This week I’ve got to spend some time with Anne Marie. That’s great! Most of the other time I’ve been doing mathematics. We have a huge hand-in tomorrow, and I hope I’ll do well. Siv Annett called me today! I was really excited! I missed seeing her off when she left Norway on Monday and I was really sorry about that. But today she called me… huge smile! She even said she missed me… I felt warm inside when I heard her voice.
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A visiting friend

Anne Marie slept over at my place today. It was really cosy! I like her really much. I was at school afterwards.

a weekend at home!

At Saturday, my dad and I was at the cottage and did a lot of hard work. I’m kind of proud of that. In the evening I sat up together with my mom, dad and sister Ingvild and talked. I started coding on an application for UiO. I didn’t manage to sort the result, but I’ll do that later. At ‘bout halv past twelve, I went out together with Catrine and Anne Marie.
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at home

This afternoon, I drove home with Levy. A nice trip it was. At home we had hotdogs for dinner!! ((: Afterwards we sat in the sofa talking for a couple of hours. Then Levy and I worked for a while. Then I slept for a couple of hours. Then I worked for another hour. And now is now… I’m going to bed soon. I’m just trying to backup my SMS-messages
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going home...

Today I’m going home together with my mate Levy. I’m looking forward to lying in my new bed there at home! (: I have to pack my stuff now.
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