surviving life


phillippe solved the problem!

Phillippe made a case out of this, and solved the problem. The first day of this problem, I found 8b = 19a, and found that this could not be, since 19 is more than one character. So I put it away. But the next day, Phillippe thought that he proved that this was impossible! It was a good proof, but not a perfect one. It had one error. Today he found the error and I could plot in the startvalue, and get the value: GOT VALUE :: 105263157894736842 Thanks Phillippe!!
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a good day

Today I’ve been working a lot for NordMail AS. Lots of database fixing. But now I’m beginning to have some sort of control here. (: I was at Blindern this afternoon. There I met Martin. Friday morning, he’s leaving for Portugal for a week! That bastard! I got my new DVD player today. It’s a stationary one. Mustek V520. It supports even MP3, CD, CD-R, VCD, DVCD and you name it!
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This night I was reading in a Norwegian science magazine, Illustrert Vitenskap (Illustrated Science). It was an excercise there which was kind of hard. If one has a positive integer of x chars, then move the last char to the front, and shift every other char to the right. Ex: 1234 –>> 4123. Now, find the lowest integer that gets the double value in this way. So I figured that this was a job for a computer and coded the program.
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better today

I’ve been ill for some days now, but today it seems like the illness is on retreat. Happily (: I’ve got a soar throat though and some fever. Better take some Echinacea extract I believe (“Rød solhatt”). My girlfriend bought that to me yesterday (: Today I’ve gotta work with some mathematics. I’m a bit behind because of my illness.

code stuff

A friend of mine, Martin, and I had a discussion and agreed on a case; if one has to check switch (var) { case 0 : // do shit 1 case 1 : // do shit 2 case 2 : // do shit 1 case 3 : // do shit 2 … case 125 : // do shit 1 case 126 : // do shit 2 case 127 : // do shit 1 } Wouldn’t it then be better to have first 8 if-sentences, to separate the case’checks?
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great night!

I ate kebab tonight at Vinny’s kebab at ullevål. It sucks! Anne Marie went to see me tonight. It was really great! We had a great time, and watched “Final Destination”… I bought a DVD-player today. At least… I ordered one. Mustek DVD-player Standalone V520 Silver, Dolby Digital 5.1,MP3, Retail.


today i got a girlfriend. her name is Anne Marie, and she’s really cute! (:

half year birthday!

today i celebrate my 20 and a half year brithday! thanks to siv annett for pointing out that! she is now nineteen years and one month… (:

picture and work

made plans for my own economics tonight. it seems like i’ll be doing well the first month. hopefully i’ll get some money from elkjøp soon. right now i’ve installed Interchess on Teplitz (Levy’s computer, which i borrow since he’s at anne siri’s). i’ll probably loose… i’ve been working a couple of days at nordmail together with my dad, and i like it. on monday i got a package from siv annett and two cards from anne-birgith!
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large smile

today i went to tønsberg to see rowena kjersti from england. cosy. saw her parents too. (: she’s a great girl. today i spoke to anne cesilie again! large smile she’s really a great girl! made my day! it’s really a long time since i talked to her last time! i feel sorry for someone nowadays. the person ain’t in a good mood, and i don’t know what to do to fix it ): wish i could do something.
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