surviving life


a normal week

last week i’ve been working a lot. in fact every day. the homepage for GlasMagasinet is mostly finished. we’re satisfied with our work. and kristin was satisfied too. siv annett, anne siri and elsi is now in tunisia. i miss them very much. luckily siv annett has called me many times. it is grat when she calls me! i’ve now figured out how much i depend my day on talking to her.
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birthday party and home alone

last week i was home alone. really ok, but i missed my mom and dad. this weekend levy and i went to Hønefoss to a birthday party for my friend Siv Annett and another girl named Mari Helene. it was really great! it started out as a barbeque-party and developed into a party (: on sunday we was at a meeting with Kristin L. A/S to get an update on the homepage of GlasMagasinet.
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boring day

today was really boring. i have been watering the flowers and been cleaning up the kitchen. i talked to both heidi fagna and guro though. and cathrine, not to forget! all of them nice girls. tomorrow i’m leaving for a birthday party together with levy. it’s at hænefoss. it will be really nice to see siv annett and anne siri again!

a friendly date

yesterday i was together with marianne jacobsen. we sat and talked for hours! it was really great! i went to school together with her for 4-7 years ago. she’s been living in south africa for a year since then, and she’s planning to go back to finish off her studies. we talked about things that had happened to us, politics, future plans, dreams… and everything else one talks about when one meet someone one haven’t seen in a while… and yesterday a really cute girl from my old class called me and woke me up!
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tour to denmark

since last thursday i’ve been in denmark with my parents, my sister ingvild and her husband jan. it was a great trip! in fact i got a haircut! and now i haven’t got a beard anymore… (:


yesterday i was a a grillparty at ellen cecilie’s cabin. it was cosy. ingvild, my sister, had a party for her class. it is now 20 years since they started school!

big brother

lars joakim won! go bjørn!! (his father…) the show was great! i was at a party today… together with my mom and dad!! at home. it was great!


today i slept from 17:00 to 21:00! was really tired after staying late up the last few days. so now i better do something practical i guess. last saturday i bought a microwave. it’s really cool! it has a “black & steel”-look. levy has got some extra days away from the military, both thursday and friday! and the coming monday we all have the day off. (: installed some updates of SIKAR at NordMail AS at work today.
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new server

today i got a slackware server from andy. it was set up as a router. maybe i’ll set up a firewall and a proxy-server too. i don’t know yet. it is beeing used at home. i’m going to make some scripts for easy dialup from web. i’m sunburnt today. darn. i don’t like that. but hey, the weather was great! was out with the boat with mom and dad. was at our old cabin at malmøya.
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17th of may!

well… congratiulations to all you people out there! i will write more in this diary soon. i have a lot to tell you! (:
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