surviving life


saturday evening

well… right now i miss someone… she’s far, far away… i’m really looking forward to the time she’s back… i can’t talk to her for about a month. that’s a pretty long time… my best friend is also far away… but it ain’t long ‘till i talk to him again. tomorrow i have to go back to harstad. i don’t want to… but what the heck, i can’t do anything about it… soon i’m finished anyway!
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brushing my teeth

well, today i brushed my teeth really well. i enjoyed it. i’ve been working a lot with the new news-system zeluno nowadays. i believe it will be extraordinary good! at least hopefully…

drinking and boat

yesterday i was drinking. i was at hege’s place. there was a babeque-party. it rocked. i was together with levy, carl thomas, anders, ragnhild, hege among others. i drank 12 beers and 1⁄2 liter vodka. it was fun (: i remember everything. we went out afterwards. first i went to ‘horoskopet’, then ‘feyer’ and then ‘polo club’. i met loads of people. a great night. it wasn’t exactly cool to wake up today though.
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my search has started

my search for mhairi calvey has started. she plays young murron in the film braveheart.

interrail and morning

today i got out of bed and said goodbye to ann therese (my sister) and her boyfriend andreas. they’re going on an interrail-tour for two weeks afterwards i’ve been walking around the house doing something like nothing… i’ve been takin’ a shower though. i’m waiting for einar to come over. now i’m going to work a bit…

work & vacation

i’ve been working all day for many days now. but now we’re kinda finished. it’s relly ok… :) we’re (levy and i) going on a vacation this night. at ‘bout 4am. i’m really looking forward to it!

siv annett & anne siri

this weekend has been great! friday i was together with my familiy at home. ingvild, jan, ann therese, andreas, mom, dad and me was here. we grilled and had a really good time. and after a while therese came by. really cosy! saturday i went to anne siri. we went to the movies and watched ‘gone in 60 seconds’. it was cool and had lots of really fancy cars! today we went to siv annett at work.
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russebil & klassefest

last saturday siv annett, anne siri, elsi, mari helene and thomas came over. johannes and i showed them our russebil. it was fun. i felt russ again. drinking beer and walking around in my ‘russedress’… anne siri slept over. in the park with me. outside the library. she got drunk. shit happens. it was fun anyway. and she got better after a while. klassefest at my cabin… really cozy. the
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evening with levy

levy came over. we went to rent a movie. we chose ‘blue streak’. it was really cool! we sat in our best chairs upstairs. with lots of goodie-stuff. great. afterwards we watched ‘nytt på nytt’. cool program. then we drove around in his car. then we threw rocks in the water at hvittensand.

yesterday was a great day...

well… yesterday started off badly. i was in a really bad mood. didn’t want to have that norwegians exam. i slept the first 45 minutes. well, i didn’t sleep all the time, but i didn’t write a word. was only relaxing. thinking about my life, what to do, what excercise to write… it sucked. but the essay in the end wasn’t so bad. i wrote about the paradox of people having too little time, even as science continue to develop new gear… levy and i gave synne oxholm and cathrine a ride home.
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