surviving life


i'm in love...

yes… never thought i’d be… but i am… she was here today. it was really cosy. she’s really great! the “russetid” is soon over. i’ve finished school, and 17th of may is soon here… and dad and i fixed our boat today. so we can rock during the summer… :) it is now on the water… and hey! levy has bought a car! a peugot 309 M60… about 110 horsepowers.. (?)..
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i think i'm falling in love

well… i think i’m falling in love, yes… the girl is cute, nice, pretty, has fantastic eyes, she’s intelligent… she’s just like everything i’ve ever wanted…!!! today before school we didn’t have milk at home. my sister and i have been alone and there had been a long-lasting weekend with 1. may and all. so… anyway… i took a piece of bread and found out that, hey! i’ve got beer! so then i took my beer with me in the dodge.
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some things are cool, some things are not...

the “russedåp” was great! our van, king kong, rocked bigtime, and we’ve got the stereo… :) well.. it was great, but i did something i regret. i fooled around with too many girls. i don’t really enjoy thinking back on that. especially when… someone… said that she didn’t want me to.. but that was afterwards! :( but… too late… well, well… the night was great anyway! i was drunk, but was not ill… so..
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this is my first notice at tg… :) finally i’ve been able to start my computer and write here… :) anne siri is on my left side, and “dvd-jon” is on my right. we’re having a cosy time. i’ve set up ziko, but not as a firewall… maybe i’ll do that later, but i ain’t sure… :)

something odd, but though great

i’ve been experiensing three extraordinary hours now. i’ve been listening to three different music cd’s shuffeled. garbage - g, garbage - version 2.0 and the cranberries - best of ‘99. really great. i’ve been reading in the book ‘l’ by erlend loe. read atleast one quarter of the book. got really inspired to think. i’ve been waiting for a phonecall, and it came. maybe very late, but yes; good. i have this strange feeling inside me, almost as i’m in love.
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last tuesday i met a girl. she’s probably one of the prettiest i’ve ever met! and she is really great! we had a great time together i sat in a really cool bmw today. it has all extra equipment you can think of! i was at mølen with torgeir, patrik, ellen cecilie, einar, simen and one other guy…

sleeping day

today i slept… my mom woke me up and came with breakfast on the bed at twelve. i got up after a while, but only got dressed and layed on top of my bed again and watched mtv. i’ve been working on the “russeavis” today. came a long way with 3afd (my class). watched “broken arrow” with levy and andy. they found lots of errors. talked to einar during the night.
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relaxing day at ellen cecilie's

this evening was relaxing. anders came up to me and we listened to music (he came with his harddisk with lots of acid techno…). afterwards, levy came and we talked for a while. then einar and simen came to pick me up. we went to ellen cecilie and we were there the whole evening. then simen, einar and i went to a party torgeir’s. it was a large and really great house!
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yesterday night was just so unbelievably great! it all started with the pre-play. levy and i rocked around in the light blue volkswagen “bobble” from 1970. we bought lotsa beer and other party-stuff. vorspiel: the vorspiel was at levy’s. it was really cool! it started with anders, levy and me drinking beer. we started at ‘bout 15:30. we talked and listened to partymusic. it became more and more fun. after a while ørjan came and it became even more fun.
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hectic day

today i’ve had one norwegian test, one physics test, i’ve been bathing in the ocean, i’ve been painting a car, i’ve trained and also i’ve helped my mom figure out how to decorate my “russedress”
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