surviving life


something sad happened

something sad happened to my family today. mom and dad went to oslo to talk to my sister afterwards. so i’m home alone. talked to einar. really back to old times it was! great… :) i really like this chap, he’s a great friend! trine wanted me to mention that i called her in the middle of the night. it was nice to talk to her again. long time no see by the way… and hey, she at meat and bernaise saus for dinner.

project giant forest

well… today i’ve finally started. project giant forest has begun, and i don’t have a clue about how big it’ll be. but i believe it’ll be big. very big… my throat is sore, and i don’t like it. talked to ellen today. it was nice.


sometimes i believe i’m a better person than levy… :)

f*ck it

i’m too exhausted. this can’t go on for very long. and it’s not only that i’m tired. i hate it. my life keeps sucking all my power…

i found my creditcard

weee! today i found my creditcard. i took a shower, and then i wanted to put some dirty clothes in the laundry. and then i saw a jogging suit among the finished clothes. and in one of the pocket was my visa card! :)

a trip to mølen and a pizza

right now i came home from einar. we had a trip to mølen and we took a piss and took some photographs. then we went home to einar and ate pizza. i installed apache, php and mysql at his place. we talked a lot about old times at anne’s place. we really miss it a lot. it was a great night! i’ll be going to bed now…

visitors - anne siri & siv annett

today i’ve been doing a lot! i started with getting up really early, ‘cuz i had to visit the dentist.. i had to remove one tooth. afterwards i went for a walk for about an hour in bøkeskogen, before i walked to s.a.t.s. and trained for a bit less than an hour. it was great, but i was really exhausted afterwards. then i went to andy to help fixing the stereo for our dodge.
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out for a ride

levy and i took a ride today. it was such a nice weather, so we just had to… first we went to the “tveitaneåsem” (tveitane hills). the view was magnificent. and then we drove to tanum ungdomsskole. kinda nostalgic to walk around there, really. but there wasn’t too much that had changed. but my memories from the schools are still great. :) i’ve been cleaning my room today. it was really messy.
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dad got a new job

weee! my dad got a new job today. as a daily leader for normail. i think that he’ll do really well! and he’ll get lots of goodies :)


this night i dreamt that i was dead! i was speaking to the dead people. my friends couldn’t see me. we were having family conversations as usual. everybody knew that some of us were dead. like my grandfather. i was dead, 19 years old. i was also on a ship. with my friends fredrik, kim and johannes. don’t really know why, but it was a first class ship. i learned
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