surviving life


sponsors and a visitor

zerta-ppl was rocking ‘round in our dodge collecting sponsors today. it didn’t go very well.. i got a message from anne siri today. she had one good and one bad news. i got kinda sad, because i thought: “now she won’t come to me this weekend afterall…”. so then i read on: “the bad thing is that i can’t come this weekend…”. i got really sad then… but then she wrote: “the good thing is that i was only kidding!”.
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daddy-factor is the “child –> daddy” part of a movie…

springbrett and party

i’m back from a party with my work now. it was really cool and it was also really cosy! and i met a girl named monica (monika?) who was really pretty!! and therese was together with me, so i really had a good time. she said something really cosy: “you at least have rhythm”… that was just sooo great! :) thanks therese! right now i’m at a lan-party called springbrett. it’s arranged by team2wo.
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check the time



the party went well, but i haven’t left yet. my best friend (or something) is still here. at least she is one of the cutest i know. i’m leaving for losen soon. there’s the party area. i remember last year when einar and me wanted to visist the parties therese, ec and jeanette was at, but we couldn’t. we watched movies instead, and looked forward to pick’em up. and a few weekends ago, anette got drunk.
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today i’ve rebooted many times. i couldn’t get my computer to read any data running through the tcp/ip protocol. i hate that. i believe i’m going to set up linux server just to simplify the drifting of dhcp and dns here at home. maybe i’m going to set up ip-masquerading so my parents can use the isdn-line instead of using a 28.8 kbps modem. i’m going to have a vorspiel this evening.
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the last day of work

todays journey: bed - home - school - home - work - home - work#2 - home (work#3) - bed today i visited helle, a girl which was in my class for nine years. she’s really cute, and i were supposed to help her with isdn. everything was set up perfectly. it ended up concluding with the cable. i believe it was too long. fun to write today

another day?

they’re singing in ally mcbeal…!!! it was really cosy. i want to do something equal. …. i’m watching tv now… lol poor lady… she just can’t sing!!! … there are some really good lawyers in ally mcbeal.. i like that tv-show. today i also worked… till eight! i’m exhausted. had a meeting with team2wo today. about “springbrett”, which is a lan-party they’re arranging… why are some girls just so fantastic…? like they’ve got everything!
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this day sucked. i was fucking tired in the morning, i forgot skates, i had to have p.e. with three others and it sucked, i had to have the whole religion-class, i skipped the it-class and the physics-class to read for a test in mathematics which didn’t go so very well. and on my way to work i had to walk really long, because i wanted to buy a pizza grandiosa first at rimi.
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sjølyst & pp8

today’s girl was elisabeth… :) she was with us in the hall, and the rest of the night! we had a really good time in the dodge! :)) chezuma, ponqa, izzy and i are going to make a demo now. “inamp”. i don’t know how it’ll work out.
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