surviving life


einar's visit

right now einar left. he just stepped by picking up some cd’s. he’s home from mexico now. his vacation really was a hit! wish i were there. tomorrow i’m leaving for oslo. to a thing called “sjølyst messa”. it’s a place where lots of schools from all over the country, and even the world, gather. and us students, can take a look and discuss further studies with the people there.

weee... :) girls can be great sometimes...

the last hours i’ve been reading psychology. kinda interesting. first i drank about one liter of coffee. when i was about half way through, anne siri called :) that was a great pause. and when i read i had contact with synne and heidi! heidi also wanted to be taken pictures of, together with synne. the pics are for our (andy, levy and me) company, eutax.

nerdenes tema

Nerdenes tema Det var i lenkeråtenes tid, da vi oppdaget det… Verdensveven hadde begynt å slå sprekker… Vi fjerninnlogget oss på verdenstjeneren for å finne gode grunner til å flambere norsk språkråd. Vi koblet sammen våre nettnav og satte i gang med å søke etter nytt i veven. Overalt ble vi møtt av ondsinnede innplugginsprogrammer som til stadighet ville påtvinge oss vår nettomani. Men vi kom dem i forkjøpet, vi
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what to do?

so. here i’m sitting. not knowing what to do. i know what i want to, but i don’t know how. i know it isn’t possible, but i can’t help it. not yesterday. not at all yesterday. no hope for yesterday. i hate it, but still i want it. but do i really want it? do i want to hurt myself that much? do i hurt myself by not doing it? johannes and i were really childish at school today.
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a relaxing day

this evening i spent with my mom and dad. mom had made pizza and we had beer. it was really good! i love my mom’s pizza!! during the night i spoke for an hour with anne. she’s really cute! right now she’s staying at sagavoll folkehøgskole right beside bø. right now i’m talking to therese on the phone. we’re discussing web-design and html. i found something at my back! tomorrow i’m leaving for hønefoss!
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i’m back from the meeting. why is it that we’re just so strange? i don’t understand. we do well at school and stuff, but as a comrade gang, we’re pretty fucked up! no serious stuff at all! i have got to figure that out some time… anne siri called me… she just has this voice… :) i’ve been working a lot with the my diary page… it’s beginning to rock (the admin-part of the page).

i'm ill, but the day at school was funny

this day didn’t start very well… i was tired as hell, and woke up with a sore throat. that wasn’ especially funny. and i also had to see the dentist before school started. at school i discussed with erik about some loudspeakers. i want to buy a pair of 18” cerwin vega speakers. if he fixes me that, i’ll fix him a cheap cellular phone. we’re going to have a meeting about our dodge this evening.
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now it's up again!

hey… i’ve finally made it the whole way… :) the my diary-page works correctly with adding, deleting and updating records from both news and newstext tables, with the corresponding newsid-columns… :) i’m kinda proud. tomorrow we’re going to have some orientation at school. about schools and univerities… i don’t know what i want to learn. anne siri just called. she has this extraordinary cute voice! i really look forward to seeing her this weekend!

editing the page from school

right now we’re having an it-class at school. i don’t really know what we are doing, but i’m at least reading the linux journal i borrowed from izzy. snazzy and i is coding a sound-thing in pascal. it is kinda fun, and it is a very annoying sound!

how will it go?

thanks inger! :) how will this go? izzy and i is going to have a linux course today. i’m unsure about the questions they’ll ask.
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