surviving life


family party

it was a family party last night. it was really great! thanks ingvild and jan! today i’ve got a physics test the whole day. i’m not very excited.

dark, spiv and i

yesterday darkalien, spiv and i attended synne’s place. it was… ok. afterwards it was spiv and my night! we really rocked the house! :) at about 2 am we started to watch a rented video. that lock, stock -thing. yesterday i had an important talk with someone. now i gotta leave for oslo. it’ll be a family arrangement there. i’m too tired to look forward to it. during the night i got hold of physics books.
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a better day

today a lot has happened. i won’t tell you all about everything, but the last thing was again a chat with my best friend. we also had a little meeting. it was fun… it was obic, spiv, snazzy, dark and i. the last two days i’ve written a lot of poems… it feels good sometimes. in the chat with dark, we both decided something… which will have consequences for our lives..

oh no... not again...

why is it that only a couple of persons understand me…? i think only one person really does, but that person has a reason. i really hate it. yes, i’m not clear when speaking or acting, but darn. that’s my character. sorry if it offends you, but then, get the fuck outta my way! (btw.: that was not for alyzza…!! but for many others….) i don’t think i’ll do it. the person told me not to.
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no, please don't take me... i want to sit here...

i want to sit here in the rain and think. i am out in the woods, and this is where i should be. let the elves come over and have them sing their songs. i want to sit by my campfire and don’t go to bed. just stay awake until the fire burns out… it isn’t too hard to see the meaning of life, but then again; it’s somewhat hard to reach my goals.
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lan in the middle of the night...

darkalien and i has done a lot of dirty-work today. i hope it’ll be great tomorrow, but i ain’t sure. i spoke to fable for two hours on the phone today, it was really great!! and i also spoke to alyzza on irc. she had sent me a mail, and i answered her honestly. but somebody should’ve been killed for that. too bad i don’t know who. sometimes guys can talk so well together, and even get more awake!
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no, i’m not afraid. but i’m worried. i feel that the party will be just as the other ones. cool, but in reality, not very well organized. everybody thinks that zerta is so well organized, but screw those people! they don’t know what they’re talking about. everything at a lan-party happens the last minute, and it is very exhausting. i wish we hadn’t got that ‘fagdag’ (subject-day) in norwegian tomorrow. i really hate it.
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today spiv, opencube and me thought a lot about the network. we’ll arrange the party, yes… but not as we planned… why the fuck doens’t thing go as we in zerta plan? they never do! damn our zen… got a mail today… a mail from someone i don’t know… hopefully the first of many… the first of december i got a “kinder egg” in my calendar… :))

volleyball and wictor

today was also a good day. we played volleyball after school. since stig and johan had visisted the mens volleyball teams training yesterday, they had many excercises we could do. that was great. i learned a lot. and in the end, we played 3 against 6… stig, anders and i rocked the house.. :) i feel that volleyball is a sport that i really like. talked to c++ on the phone for quite some time today.
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a dream day...

today was just great!!! it started with me, dancing with c++, then i danced with synne… it was really fun! then we played volleyball. it was cool, and i really think we can do well in the school cup. in the religion-class, my pal spiv did a great presentation of the church of scientology… really funny and informative. in the computer-thing, i got a test back. since i had forgotten one part of question one, i didn’t get the maximum grade, but i’m satisfied, since the things i did remember to answer, was really well.
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