surviving life


my dream car

today i’ve put an image of my dream car up at my postings-page. it is a diamond black audi s8. i really want that, and i’ve decided that when i get rich, i’ll buy one of those. my father said that if i got hold of 14 million nkr, then i was allowed to buy it. i’m looking forward to get 14m…


yes. i am really exhausted. i think i really should rest for a couple of days before the lan-party. i’ve been doing a lot of updates on the db today, so i put up the new version this night. it was no fun at all. no creativity, just pure editing. it really sucks. today alyzza visited. one of this weeks light spots. it is always so cosy when she’s here. but she won’t give me the christmas present i want.
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i’ve been working a lot lately with the atridox registration. and during this night, i figured out that i would try to implement a compo-voting system in atridox. that would’ve been kinda cool. in my personal life some things has happened. i don’t think i’ll tell you all about it, but i can say that it ain’t all of it that is especially cosy… :(

millennium russ

today i’ve been doing only one thing: making the web-page for the russ of the year! i’m kinda exhausted now, and i don’t know whether i’ll start off working with atridox. i’m satisfied with the homepage. it is really red… :)


this party was just sooo cool! in the beginnig we were at julies place, before we went to fx, after some time. at 1 am, the was a bear contest. we finished second in our gruop, i don’t know why. i’m sure they’ve been cheatng… this day was grat, but i’m so tired now. sleep well everyone! rusekro rocks!

climbing, jumping and algorithm

schau just found out that i hadn’t mentioned last saturday. at least not the bit when we jumped down from a very high roof! we were kinda drunk and we went on the top on a roof to get away from the cops. but then we wanted to go back to ‘fx’. we found out that the only way to get down was to jump, and we did that. but i really hurt my tongue, and started to bleed.
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cgi-part of atridox

izzy has made a gui for managing registered users in the atridox userbase. it works kinda well, after what he tells me, but i ain’t sure, ‘cuz it doesn’t work at my place. but it really looks good, and i think it rocks when the borland database engine first works. just thought of one thing. if he gets that database-thingy to work… then… maybe i can get zepo to work? i dunno really, but that did depend on a borland database engine… i’ll look into that later.
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1999-11-15 down went down during the night. i wasn’t able to fix it before in the evening. lew wasn’t availiable. there are many things that are wrong. like: the hardware. and that’s too bad. but… we’ll fix that asap. thought of a new project together with darkalien. it was about making a database for their shooting-thing. i don’t think i’ll ever finish it. alyzza visited the school today. she is just sooo pretty!
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my own encrypting algorithm

i feel that today was a breakthrough for my coding skills. i’ve managed during the night and this morning to make my own algorithm for encrypting strings. i’m really proud! it produces different values for the encrypted string each time also! i ain’t sure whether i haven’t decided yet, but i think that until zerta lan iv is finished, i won’t make the source code availiable.


finally i’ve been starting working on atridox. i’ve implemented some functions. but i found out that i probably won’t post all info about the system here, so i’ve included a changelog.txt on the ‘postings’-page. please check it out before you ask me any questions about when the registration is up or how many things i’ve implemented. but for now i can tell you that i’ve included the following: made object: zoneBase() made functions: makeZoneInfo(), drawInfo(), drawZoneInfo(), main() made layout for drawZoneInfo() made layout for drawMenu() you may also want to check out the homepage for atridox at: darkalien and i have been working some more on the religion project.
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