surviving life


a new religion has started taking form

darkalien and i has today started thinking about our cult. we’ve found out where we came from and what is the meaning of life. we know what is the ultimate power and we are only profets to tell you all about it. we’re merely researching already known facts, and our conclusions are based on them. we really look forward to tell the class all about what we’ve found out. we believe it will be the new world wide common religion.
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at school

i’ve been discussing with my schoolmates what the expression ‘for en gangs skyld’ is in english. we never found an answer. anyway. if you add that expression to the next sentence, you’ll understand what i mean. [expression] i am at school writing something here! i’ve been thinking a lot about that registration system. i don’t know when i’ll have time. i believe that darkalien and i will have to work a lot on that cult of ours, and i really don’t know how to work with atridox.
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this evening i’ve been writing a lot of e-mails. in total they were 14… but i also counted the words. they summed up to exactly 7000. that is about 35 of handwritten a4-pages. i’m kinda proud of that. anyway it was fun. darkalien and i is going to start a new cult. we decided that in the religion class today. in fact synne and heidi is joining us! even when they don’t know what we’ll stand for yet!
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sapphire and zerta lan iv

why oh, why does everything get deleted when i don’t save the files? darn! sometimes i don’t like my machine at all. anyway… i spoke to turbot / sapphire toda. it is really a long time since last time i spoke to him. i sent the whole of sapphire an invitation to zerta lan iv. i hope they’ll come, ‘cuz they’re really cool! at sapphire ‘99 was the place i met chimera.
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herpes zoster and alyzza

right now i have a visitor, alyzza. it is great to see her again, ‘cuz she lives too long away. anyway. we’ve been eating pizza and “eggedosis” (?). i don’t know what we’ll do next. but you know, i asked her as an oracle about what i should do with my life and she told me that i wasn’t allowed to do anything. and if that’s what she says, then that is probably the correct thing to do (or not to do…).
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rbk, alyzza and atridox

rosenborg lost 0-1 away to feyenoord in the uefa champions league. that was really bad! i hate it. my arm really hurts more than ever. it is not fun at all. maybe i’ll go see the doctor. got a mail from alyzza. it made my day. she’s one of my best friends still! right now she’s in moss. on a school over there… it is kinda long i think. i look forward to saturday.
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will smith and zelu

i watched ‘cooper’ and ‘will smith’ on the telly this afternoon. it was cool. i laughed many times. my arm hurts. darkalien and i did well at school today. we got a 5. we’re proud. it was really fun. i’m wondering about calling the registration system for zelu. but i haven’t decided yet. anyway. i’m attending a movie this evening. “the 13th warrior”. i hope for it to be a
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darkalien and me

i’ve been kinda lazy about doing things with girlie-friends… i’ve spent almost all my time with my best friend darkalien. we’ve been working on aa school project about arnulf øverland. today we’ll perform with our work. i believe will rock, and so does he. it is an oral performance, and that is what we’re good at. last week darkalien took a huge leap in our internal competition. he made the girl stand behind him and touch his hair for a whole break!
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dodge van and girls

i’ve been talking to many girls lately. i’ve talked to chimera and fable from hønefoss and that has been just great! hopefully they’re coming down in aa short while. i’m really looking forward to that. those girls are just sooo gullible!! hugz i got the phonenumber to rachel again. i had lost it for a while, but c++ had got it, so she called me. i believe we’re building up some kind of better relationship nowadays.
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this day i woke up the same time as usual and i went to school. but it showed that i wasn’t going to have any education until the 6th lesson! bah… but i had a conversation with my teaacher the first lesson though. but that wasn’t of any special interest. it was like: “how do you do?” “fine…” “ok… send in the next victim…” :) my teacher is really great! he has lotsa humour and he really has his own style of beeing a teacher.
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