surviving life


i've started wondering

i’ve really started wondering whether or not there is something wrong with me. it’s seems to me like it isn’t possible for me to go to bed before 2 am in the morning. like yesterday, i had decided to go to bed early, but even when i went to bed, i couldn’t go to sleep. it darn irritating. this morning i ate breakfast with my mom before she went to work.
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an early evening

i’ve figured out that i want to go to bed now. the clock has just passed 1 am, and i’m not tired. but i ain’t supposed to go to school before really late tomorrow. for some reason i don’t want to stay up today. i want to go to bed. c++ was here this evening. we talked for a long time. then we watched “i kveld med thomas giertsen”, and i gave here a massage.
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a slack day at school

this schoolday was not exactly exhausting. we started the day with a nice p.e., then a long shower. after watching a video about jews and discussing whether or not heidi guren is the one. then i had an hour of computer science. then in the end i had an hour of physics before cathrine, johannes and me went to mcdonalds and bought us some large milk shakes. i had strawberry with crunched nonstops.

meeting with zerta

today i woke up kinda late. i ate breakfast, and then i together with my dad fixed our boat. then i did some work with the guestbook-part of my homepage, before i in the evening went to a meeting with zerta. it was kinda strange, but a standard zerta-meeting. in the beginning there were lots of arguments, but in the end, everything was great. we planned a new party. i got the following assignments: registration, web and to help with servers.

visiting alyzza

this evening i was visiting my good friend alyzza in moss. it was really nice to see her again. we ate pizza, and then we slept for three full hours, ‘cuz we were both really tired. afterwards she showed me her school. i said hi to her friends over there and then we watched ricky lake show. when i was to go back, the boat didn’t go, so i missed the train.
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